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You don't have to imagine your life without riding. Success starts by becoming aware of the multiple adaptations that are available. we work with you so that, together, we can find what's going to be best and suit your needs. we also will let you become aware of the different types of adaptations that will work for you.

We’re sure that you want to be able to ride with products that work with reliability and last a long time. The products that we carry are the smart choice for the best motorcycle riding experience you can have available today.

The Kliktronic Electric Shifter has a stellar reputation and is held in highest regard by shops and riders. Innovation is a tradition at Kliktronic LTD of England. I am the distributor for the North and South Continents. I also work with riders from Australia, South Africa, Russia, and I am now going to be working with riders in Thailand and Indonesia as needed. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. has been around since 2007. We are able to let you know what various adaptations might work for your individual situation.

"Throttle Therapy For An Attitude Adjustment"

Many motorcycle adaptations started out to help riders get back on the road. These products allow a larger community of riders to use hand controls, paraplegics, amputees and quadriplegics are among a growing number of riders that are experiencing a better quality of life by riding. Now, new riders are using thesee products to enhance their riding experience with consistancy.

The Kliktronic Electric Shifter Is Completely Waterproof - It Is The First, Original Shifter

The Kliktronic Products are the most reliable PRODUCTS AVAILABLE. These safe adaptations are available worldwide and allow the rider to safely and easily ride in style.

A physical challenge does not need to get in the way of your love of the open road. Disabled Motorcycle Rider develops the motorcycle equipment necessary to easily shift gears or brake regardless of upper or lower-body liabilities.

Kliktronic, LLC of England has been building products to compensate for the physical needs of motorcycle enthusiasts since the 1990's. Two main products are the Kliktronic Electric Shifter and the K-2 Lever dual brake or clutch brake system, both of which are revolutionizing the road for all motorcyclists.

About Gail

I became disabled by doing repetitive motions while caring for my late husband. My left side is weak, including arthritis in my hand, no shoulder rotator cuff, bad hip, bad left knee, and no foot strength. My desire and dream to ride overcame my ability when I purchased a 2001 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster in September of 2006.

I took a motorcycle riding class that made me extremely frustrated. The instructor assured me I would get individual attention when I informed him of my disability. After failing the use of the clutch twice due to my disability, it caused me to fall to the left, break two toes, and severely bruise my whole side. He then poked me with his finger several times and stated I should have learned to ride 30 years ago!

It took about 3 months to figure that adaptions would allow me to ride with safety and ease. I formed this company to help others. I hope that we can work together and have you Up and Riding Again.


FYI: We want to introduce you all to our mascot, Carol a European Brown Bear. We picked Carol as our mascot because according to Native American Folklore the bear stands for strength and courage.

…And we can all use more of that

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